Lemon Chicken Soup from the Soup Swift

I kinda wish that I had known that Tallahassee was going to be experiencing a “tropical wave” this morning. But instead, all I knew was that I had a busy day and it was going to be WET.

So what do I want for lunch – soup!

Fortunately, we have a lovely little soup place in Tallahassee called the Soup Swift. It is a cozy cafe tucked away on Miccosukee Road. It seems far away, but it is less than ten minutes from Downtown Tally. Although their menu is limited, it usually covers most appetites and cravings. (You can also get a soup sampler and try up to three of the soups!)

I ordered a bowl of Lemon Soup and the full Napa Chicken Salad (I should have gotten their half salad/soup combo, but I was hungry…) The soup is hard to explain – somehow both light and brothy while also creamy and rich. Lemony without being to aggressive and just the right amount of tender chicken. (Note: that this soup also showed me that I CAN like peas, but mainly just in this particular soup.)

Napa Chicken Salad and Lemon Chicken SoupThe chicken salad was a nice-sized serving with lots of chicken, artichokes and romaine, sprinkled with beautiful cherry tomatoes.

I have also had their brussel sprouts and bacon salad before, and it was amazing.

I love that we are starting to get all of these lovely locally-owned restaurants and cafes that are producing such thoughful food. Their menu and changes daily, but they usually post on Facebook. They also carry fresh baked goods that look mouthwatering.
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