I love the simplicity and pure deliciousness that is perfect scambled eggs. I saw a special with Jacques Pepin years ago where he made his version, and I believe it makes the most creamy and comforting eggs you can find.Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The keys are a good nonstick skillet and using a spatula to gently scrape the bottom of the skillet until the eggs are almost done – taking them off the heat for those final seconds. I like them a little wet and I add a small pat of butter to finish them before serving.

Another nice touch is to get a more upscale butter like Lurpak (my fave) or Plugra (both can be found at regular grocery stores.) If I’m lucky, I have farm-fresh eggs from Tomatoland (a locally-owned produce stand), but this method elevates discount eggs to a heavenly place.

I also use table salt during the cooking and use kosher salt to finish, I believe the table salt more evenly seasons the eggs when they are liquid.

Let me know if you use any of these methods, or tell me YOUR favorite way to cook scrambled eggs…