Today I decided to correct an unforgiveable wrong, which is that I haven’t tried VooDoo Dog yet. I am a big fan of Dog Et Al for a basic hot dog, but I knew that I needed to visit the new fancy hotdog joint in town.

It is definitely an understatement to call VooDoo Dog “adventurous” by Tallahassee hotdog standards. The menu features such selections as the Abe Frohman (Bueller!!), which is served Chicago-style with tomato, cucumber, onions, dill pickles, sweet relish and celery salt, and the Jefferson, which is a bacon-wrapped dog topped with homemade mac ‘n’ cheese and crushed butter crackers. The basic VooDoo Dog is a hotdog wrapped in bacon, where you decide the toppings.

I shared the Abe Frohman, the Jefferson, and the Tijuana (bacon dog with guacamole and sour cream) with a friend, so we cut them in half. An ideal way to eat through the menu, I must say. ūüėČ

Out of the three dogs, I think the one that surprised me the most was the Abe Frohman. The freshly-made relish was almost refreshing – with the pickle and onion adding a great crunch against the porkiness of the bacon dog. Highly recommend.

The Jefferson was as heavy as you think it will be; ideal for a late night where you need a base of pork and carbs. Very rich.

I really liked the sour cream and guac on the bacon dog, Tijuana. However, it needed another texture to balance all of the creaminess of the toppings РI may ask to add salsa or even the relish from the Frohman next time.

Not pictured are the fries, which may have been my favorite part. They were perfectly sized (not to skinny, not to wide) and salty. One portion of fries would feed two people, plus some to spare.

I love the location and the interior. I know lots of people who like to go there before FSU Basketball games due to the proximity. The quirky interior is decorated with 80s records, memorabilia and photos. The staff was friendly and helpful, noting that they would be putting out a new menu soon to replace the blackboard menu.

VooDoo Dog¬†is a welcome addition to the All Saints/Railroad Square area, and to Tallahassee. I hope to visit again soon to try the burgers, but I feel like I need to abstain from eating for a day before to prepare. I’m sure the Abe Frohman will be calling my name next time I have a fancy hot dog craving.

Give it a try or tell me what your favorite fancy hotdog is…

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