Tallahassee has an interesting assortment of Mexican food establishments. We have the chains (El Jalisco, On the Border etc.), some locally run (La Hacienda and La Tapatio are my faves) and even some Mexican groceries and food trucks (La Tienda, Tacos Gringos) that offer takeout.

One of our go-to spots is Pepper’s Mexican Grill and Cantina on Capital Circle (sort of across from Sam’s and Sonny’s). It is a small Florida chain, and has consistently been a favorite for my family.

An entrée that I continue to order is the Mariachi. It is mild white fish and fresh shrimp grilled with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos. It is served with rice and beans (delicious!), but is a great low-carb dish if served without.


This dish is fresh and filling. I love the jalapenos, but they can be moved to the side to reduce the total heat. The grilled onions/tomatoes/cilantro make a great sauce that elevates the fish and the shrimp.

The chicken nachos were ordered by one daughter and the other got the cheese quesadilla. The nachos are huge (even the kid’s portion) and they are yummy. Covered in shredded chicken and queso, they would be plenty for an adult as well.

Peppers’ service is generally pretty fast, even on crowded nights. The parking lot fills up, but because of some fairly spacious outside seating, you are usually not going to have to wait very long. The restaurant is clean and bright, and also features a nice bar area.

I have also had their Fish Tacos several times and think that they are some of the best in Tallahassee. (Cabo’s is a close first). Definitely worth a try and is one of their lunch deals.

This restaurant is not well-known for those who don’t live on the SE side of town, I would encourage you to try it at lunch as it is only 10 min tops from downtown.

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