I knew going in that Bagelheads had great bagels and muffins, so I was hoping that their lunch would live up to my expectations. Thank goodness it did!

Bagelheads is a small deli/bakery housed in a former fast food restaurant on Apalachee Parkway – very convenient for downtown and east Tallahassee.

The DudeThe interior is clean and bright, with more seating than I was expecting. I met a friend for lunch who got a sandwich called The Dude that had ham and melted swiss cheese, lettuce, onions, yellow mustard, and mayo on a Super Asiago Bagel Disk.

The bagel disk bread looked amazing with the cheese baked into the top, and my friend said that it was toasted perfectly. Boar’s Head meats are always a welcome feature as well.

I ordered The Big Apple containing lettuce, granny smith apple chunks, walnuts, dried onions (like you put on the top of green bean casserole!), sliced chicken breast, and bleu cheese crumbles. I got the Raspberry Vinaigrette, which complemented the sweet and savory elements perfectly. As you have probably guessed, I love starch and meat, but a nice salad with layers of flavors is a great lunch option when I don’t want anything too heavy. And this salad was perfect, especially with the surprising fried onions adding crunch and a savory component.

Bagelheads also has the option to order online or by telephone and is very active on social media. I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other sandwiches and salads, I’m thinking that the Strawberry Sensation (fresh strawberries, feta cheese, chicken, walnuts, and vinaigrette) will be my next order. Yum!
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