A Lofty New Breakfast

Northeast Tallahassee has gotten some really interesting new dining options, but one that stood out was Lofty Pursuits‘ new venture into serving breakfast/brunch. They have long been a destination for spectacular ice cream, milkshakes and the lost art of candy making, so I hoped that their breakfast lived up to the quality of their other products.

Um…let me just show you first…

The least photogenic, but super tasty (and perfectly spicy) omelette

The Hubs got the Spicy Omelet with pepper jack cheese, Bradley’s sausage, fresh jalapeño peppers, green peppers and onions. This was seriously spicy, but delicious.

Nice and chunky, just how I like it

I got the Corned Beef Hash with perfectly cooked eggs over medium and a very fluffy biscuit. The texture of the Corned Beef was some of the best I have had in town very delicate and tender. It also had just the right amount of Corning spice flavor, and the potatoes, onions and green peppers were seasoned well. Lovely.

With my yummy Lucky Goat coffee with legit heavy cream, I was a happy camper.


Disclaimer: I do not have a sweet tooth, so I much prefer savory to sweet. 


The pancakes have the texture of the lightest, airiest biscuit ever, with a from-scratch strawberry topping/syrup including strawberry chunks and freshly whipped cream. 

Also, this is a HUGE portion so sharing should be considered. (I do not blame you if you want to keep these all to yourself though…😉)

You need these pancakes in your life.

Glad to have this new breakfast option, and looking forward to eating there again.

Visit Lofty Pursuits as soon as you can. (And check out their cool YouTube channel!)

Re-introduction and howdy!

Hey Y’all! I have been talking about getting back to this lovely little blog space for years…and have finally taken the plunge.

I cannot wait to share some of the lovely restaurants and recipes that I have found since I left you and, hopefully, to break some new ground. (Sous Vide! Curries! Fresh Bread!)

Would love to hear about any cooking or cuisines that you would like for me to explore, and anything else food related.

I will just leave you on this note as I try to get this thing started again.